Relocating to a new city is a major decision. But it’s one that many Americans make throughout their lives – at least 9.8% of the American population move house every year. Some will move locally within the same area, but some will move to a whole new place. 

If you’re thinking of a move to Chicago, you may be a little overwhelmed at the huge range of residential areas to choose from. Read on to discover all you need to know about Chicago neighborhoods so that you can be sure to choose a place you will love to live. 

Chicago Living 

Where you choose to live in Chicago will depend on a lot of factors. Some people dream of lakeside living, and with 26 miles of lakefront scenery, there is no better place than Chicago to fulfill this dream. 

Other people will value access to green space or good schools very highly, while others will consider proximity to public transport as the most important factor. Let’s do a quick run-down of some of the best-known areas in Chicago to help you make your decision. 

The Best Chicago Neighborhoods for Families 

Many people would consider the whole of Chicago, Illinois to be family-friendly, but there are some areas that are better known than others for family living. On the south side of the city, you’ll find Morgan Park, Beverly, and Bridgeport. These areas have a strong sense of community and also have very good public schools. 

Over on the north side, it’s easy to get to nice, quiet beaches from the Roger’s Park area, which makes this a popular location for families. There is also good access to downtown for culture and nightlife, but also a little bit of distance from the business of the city. 

In the Lincoln Square and Roscoe Village areas, there are plenty of family homes and larger apartments. Check out to see the wide range of properties available. 

Things to Do in Chicago 

If your top priority in moving to Chicago is to experience the buzz of the city, then you might want to choose a neighborhood where you can enjoy the nightlife and culture on your doorstep. There is live music, theater and comedy available and many nightclubs too. 

Lakeview is a good option that encompasses some of the liveliest parts of Chicago, with many independent shops and restaurants as well as hopping nightlife. You’ll find a wide range of art galleries in the River North area, too.

Downtown Chicago 

Also known as the Loop, the downtown Chicago area is popular with people who want to be close to the city center and be able to walk to work or to college. There are not many family-sized homes, so the people who live here are mostly couples or singles. 

You’ll find a lot of high-rise blocks here, some with amenities such as dog parks, outdoor terraces, spas, and on-site gyms. This area also has good proximity to the major highways and public transport routes. 

Making the Move to Chicago 

Now you know a bit more about the different Chicago neighborhoods, so you can decide which area might suit you, your needs and your family the best. 

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