Have you decided to get a fish tank but have no idea where to begin? Are you looking for good aquarium setup ideas?

Then, you’ll want to keep reading to be in the know when it comes to putting together your new aquarium set up!

Determine Your Aquarium Type

Before you go out and begin buying everything in the fish section at the pet store, looking up aquarium setup ideas, and checking out reef aquariums for sale, you’ll need to figure out what kind of aquarium you want to have.

There are two types of aquariums which are salt water and fresh water. The one you choose will determine the type of equipment and fish you will be purchasing for your setup.

If you are the type of person that enjoys colorful and tropical fish, you’ll want to get a saltwater tank. If you’re fine with some tetras and minnow, you will be shopping for a freshwater tank.

Setting Up Your Aquarium Needs

Once you figured your aquarium type, you can start shopping for your aquarium needs. 

Every aquarium will need a filter, heater, and water pump but the type will depend on whether it is freshwater vs saltwater. You’ll also need to know the correct temperature to set your tank to in order to keep your fish happy and warm.

Most stores will also carry fake and real plants for your aquarium and either sand or pebbles to use. It’s up to you to pick a design scene.

You will also want to make sure that your aquarium is set up at least a week before you bring fish home so that it can acclimatize to your home.

Selecting Your Design

Once you’ve gotten all of that out of the way, you can begin your aquarium designing and set up.

There are tons of aquarium setup ideas online from crowded with greens to monochromatic to minimalist. It’s up to your creativity to determine what you want your aquarium to look like. The shop you visit for your aquarium needs can help you determine a good design for your aquarium based on your fish.

Selecting Your Fish

Your fish selection will vary on not only the aquarium type but also on the tank size. 

The general rule of thumb is two fish per gallon if they were small like guppies, mollies, and tetras, and one fish per gallon if they are medium to large like bigger goldfish, betas, and clownfish to name a few.

The petshop you visit to select your fish can help you make the best decisions with the size of your tank in gallons and the best fish for the environment you are wanting to create. 

Best Aquarium Setup Ideas

Remember, don’t feel constrained to picking just one of the plentiful aquarium setup ideas. Use your creativity to make your new pet fish the perfect oasis with the right water, accessories, and design.

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