10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

Best Places to Visit in Canada

The largest country in North America and the second largest country in the world, Canada is full of beautiful landscapes and astonishing cities for visitors to explore.

The largest country in North America and the second largest country in the world, Canada is full of beautiful landscapes and astonishing cities for visitors to explore. Moreover, Canada also has rocky mountains, magnificent coastlines, natural forests, vast prairies, as well as Arctic tundra. Canada is home to a collection of multicultural immigrants. but mostly the Canadian nation has British as well as French origin. Here we have enlisted top 10 best places to visit in Canada to explore.

List of Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

  1. Ottawa – Ontario
  2. Calgary – Alberta
  3. Whistler – British Colombia
  4. Toronto – Ontario
  5. Vancouver – British Columbia
  6. Quebec City – Quebec
  7. Niagara Falls – Ontario
  8. Montreal – Quebec
  9. Yukon Territory
  10. Banff National Park

Ottawa – Ontario

Ottawa - Ontario

The capital city of Canada, Ottawa is located at Gatineau and Rideau rivers in southeastern Ontario. The city has a lot of educational and research institutes. That’s is the main reason Ottawa has the highest population of educated people as compared to other cities. Furthermore, you can also explore the National Art Center, National Museum, as well as the National Gallery. One of the famous attraction in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal which turns into the biggest Ice skating ring in winters.

Calgary – Alberta

Calgary - Alberta

Calgary is the largest city in terms of population and 3rd largest metropolitan city of Alberta. The city has a high quality of life. It has the highest number of millionaires as compared to other cities in Canada. After the oil discovery in the early 1900s, the city has developed so much. Every year a large number of visitors are visiting its world-renowned rodeo event. The famous attractions in Calgary are Calgary Stampede, Prince’s Island Park as well as the Aero Space Museum of Calgary and The Military Museums.

Whistler – British Colombia

Whistler - British Colombia

Whistler is located in British Colombia and it is one of the largest alpine ski destinations in North America. Full of spectacular mountains as well as stunning white scenery, Whistler is one of the top 10 best places to visit in Canada in winter. The things you can do in Whistler during your winter holidays are skiing as well as snowboarding, hiking, tobogganing, and snowshoeing. There are also three quaint villages, Whistler Village, Creekside as well as Upper Village on the top of the mountains where you can also visit.

Toronto – Ontario

Toronto - Ontario

Toronto is one of the largest city in North America. It is the capital of Ontario. The city is full of immigrants from different cultural backgrounds. There are total 160 languages spoken in this city. It is also popular as a little India and little Italy. The top places in this city are CN tower and the fairytale castle of Casa Loma. Toronto is also an attractive destination because of beaches and outdoor activities.

Vancouver – British Columbia

Vancouver - British Columbia

The 3rd largest metropolitan city of Canada, Vancouver is located between the Coast Mountains and the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia. It is named after the British explorer George Vancouver. Vancouver offers some of the great hotels to stay. The city offers some interesting sites including the Stanley Park, Granville Island’s stunning food market, crowded shops in Chinatown and the surf town of Tofino. It is also the best choice for beach lovers.

Quebec City – Quebec

Quebec City - Quebec

The capital of Quebec province. Quebec City will give you a picture of a European village in North America. The city has a rich French heritage, architecture as well as language. It is also one of the oldest cities in North America. The city has beautiful parks and gardens with a charming view of St. Lawrence River. The other famous attractions are Joan of Arc on Horseback as well as the Martello Towers, and Vieux Quebec the city’s historic district.

Niagara Falls – Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario

If we are talking about 10 best places to visit in Canada and we neglect Niagara Falls than it is a big mistake. It is a series of three beautiful waterfalls located on the border of Ontario, Canada and the New York City, United States. Horseshoe Falls is the best place to view this nature’s wonder. There are also other places of interest near Niagara falls like casinos and museums.

Montreal – Quebec
Montreal - Quebec

Montreal is another best place to visit in Canada. It is a 2nd largest city after Toronto in Canada and also the cultural and financial capital of the Quebec province. Montreal has a great number of French speakers outside of Paris. You will great impact of French culture in this city entertainment district and17th-century architecture. During your stay in Montreal, you should visit the old Montreal and downtown skyscrapers. It has also various family attractions like a theme and water parks.

Yukon Territory
Yukon Territory, Canada

Yukon Territory is located in the North West part of Canada. It has the smallest population as compared to other provinces of Canada. Yukon is famous because of its wild, mountainous areas, the highest peak, as well as glaciers, trails and the Alsek River. The most part of Yukon has long cold winters and short cool summers. You can fly over the Kluane National Park and explore the beauty of Takhini hot springs.

Banff National Park
Banff National Park, Canada

The park is situated in Alberta and it is the first national park in Canada. The Banff National Park is also one of the most visited and largest parks in Canada. The things you can do in this park are hiking, whitewater rafting, and ride in the Banff Gondola. The park also has a great collection of wildlife animals like black bears, bison, moose, wolves, grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles. Spectacular glaciers and striking landscapes make this park one of the best places to visit in Canada.

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