Did you know that nineteen different owl species can be found right here in the United States? Many people love to watch these quiet and mysterious birds, and even more, they might want to keep an owl as a pet.

But this is where you need to apply the brakes. Just because you can have an owl as a pet doesn’t mean you should. Many states have laws that prohibit having owls as pets, and for a good reason.

In this guide, you’ll learn about how to keep an owl close while still allowing it to fly free in its natural environment.

Can You Have an Owl as a Pet?

While it might seem fun to have an owl as a pet, not many people realize all that is involved in owl pet care. In addition, it’s illegal in many states unless you’re a certified wildlife rehabilitator. 

Rules vary depending on the state you live in, but in most cases, even if you care for an owl, it’s still not considered your pet. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Administration takes official responsibility for the owl and can take it from you if they decide it’s best for the owl.

And even if you could throw the laws out the window, having an owl as a pet is simply not a good idea. 

The Challenges With Owl Care

Owning an owl is extremely difficult. First, owls are predators by nature, and they spend most of their time alone hunting for a meal. An owl diet consists of rabbits, mice, and rats, which are not something you can easily pick up at your local grocery store. Owls also like to hide pieces of their food for later, so you’ll be wandering around locating these hidden morsels every day.

Owls are also nocturnal animals. Owls spend their nights hooting, flying, hunting, and during mating season, they’re even more active. In short, owls are high-maintenance animals that require daily feeding, cleaning, and loads of attention.  

And don’t think you’ll be able to pet and cuddle an owl. Even in captivity, owls keep their natural instincts, and being petted doesn’t fit into their vocabulary.

Try an Owl Nesting Box Instead

The solution? Balance your love for owls while allowing them to remain free by buying an owl nesting box. Installing a nesting box in your yard is a fantastic way to observe these majestic creatures live their lives.

Owl nesting boxes provide warmth during the long winter days and shade during the heat of summer. You can check out and read about the pros and cons of the best owl nesting boxes out there.

Watching Owls 

Having an owl as a pet may not be a good idea, but watching them sure is. You can even set up a camera or “owl cam” to ensure you don’t miss any magnificent moments.

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