Health insurance is an important component that includes an insured patient’s health and surgical expenditures. It shall refund or bill directly for the costs sustained because of sickness or accident. Insurance providers usually have agreements to leading hospitals in order to provide covered customers with cashless care. If there are no ties between the insurance provider and the hospital, they reimburse the value of the insured’s expenditures. The government also supports health care with an income tax exclusion.

Health and medical services coverage in UAE

The UAE is known for its excellent medical services, which in recent decades has contributed to a rise in medical tourism. There are an average 181 physicians per 100,000 people in healthcare services. A senior official of the Dubai health authority confirmed that inhabitants of Dubai who refused to receive compulsory health insurance in Dubai by 31 December would pay a penalty of Dh500 a month when the deadline enters into force on 1 January next year.

It is an initiative of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to provide quality healthcare to all people, tourists and travellers in Dubai, to ensure a reliable health care network. The compulsory EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) for low pay workers and dependent categories was introduced in 2014 and was accomplished on 30 June 2016 in the final process.

Why Essential Benefits Plan is executed?

Essential Benefits Plan are the most significant advantages at affordable prices, uniform bundles of Dh650 to Dh725 rates per annum. This is the only choice for immigrants who couldn’t even afford health care for their non-working partner or elderly parents on the grounds of outrageous prices. The system would reduce the insurance cost of frequent ailments, examinations, emergency care and numerous other medical procedure specifications.
The fundamental strategy is not applicable outside the UAE, and no international treatments are protected.

Who’s going to be covered by insurance?

Elder parents, family, babies, and household assistance ought to be assured on either side. Because of valid safety benefits, an insurance rate for parents who are older than 65 years of age is increased, but often extends to married women (aged 18 to 45 years of age).

Premium value annually

DHA determines annually policy rates to which eligible EBP insurers shall conform. It is from Dh650 to Dh725 this year. (The insurers possess higher EBP healthcare costs for employees who earn more than Dh4, 000).

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For individuals in dependency

  • Non-working community of 0 to 65 years old – from Dh650
  • Unworked married women between 18 to 45 years of age is Dh1,600
  • Family of the Elderly – Dh2,500

Coverage of health

For all statements, the standard EBP covers a yearly limit of Dh150 000. There are several limits such as

Basic Coverage

  • In-patient – non – emergency therapy, with 20% insured paid for, along with assessments, surgery and diagnosis. This sum payable shall not exceed Dh500 per annum, or a cumulative of Dh1, 000 per annum.
  • Treatment for outpatients – regular review, diagnosis and care with 20% of deductible costs.
  • Laboratory examinations, physiotherapy (maximum six treatments annually) and radiology testing with 20% covered accounted for.
  • Medicines for infants and young children or immunization treatments.
  • Drugs – up to Dh1500 per person plus a 30% fee per prescription by the insured.
  • Advanced critical care and advanced transport systems.


  • Antenatal blood checks, 3 antenatal ultrasounds, 8 pre-delivery, 10 percent covered allocated.
  • Expenses of regular distribution up to Dh7, 000 and critical C-section costs up to Dh10, 000 approx. 10% of insurance costs.
  • Within 30 days after the date of delivery, paediatric examinations, screening, and other examinations shall refer to the unborn child under the mother’s insurance policy.

Current or chronic diseases Status

You must claim that before filing for benefits in cases with pre-existing or recurrent health conditions. Within a six-month stay, the insurer shall have maximum coverage for them. Any critical medical treatment related to illnesses, like all other benefits under the framework, is included by this review period.

Regional context

Dubai’s simple EBP package includes all in Dubai and emergency care in Abu Dhabi or in other Emirates. It is indeed best to consult to the insurer about this. The whole program is confined to the UAE’s core service provision.

Consider the insurer wisely

45 companies have been awarded valid DHA health insurance licenses. Among these, only nine contributing insurance providers are interested in DHA’s accountability EBP healthcare system.

Renewal of the visa

When your dependents’ visa has newly been released or extended, you will either have them covered prior to the end of the year otherwise, when you go through an extension later, you will face fines and legal problems.


The UAE administration is dedicated to develop a worldwide health network to strengthen the health conditions of its citizens. Over the past decades, it introduced a range of comprehensive healthcare changes, including compulsory commercial health insurance, private sector growth and the isolation of policy and control from provider duties.

It is most important to get insured for the safety purpose. Health Insurance in Dubai is very wise and mandatory for the citizens. One can be benefited with this whole term health insurance without any loss.

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