Are you going through emotional eating pressure? Yes! You are not alone in the loop. Many individuals suffer from an emotional eating disorder which makes them munch too much on their favorite foods. Apart from this, stress, family pressure, and social obligations can also make you travel through emotional eating disorder. But, one thing you need to understand is, the journey of emotional eating can lead to weight gain and brings numerous other health issues. In this article, let’s understand more about emotional eating, signs, and a few tips to change the habit. Read through the article and gather more information now.

Emotional eating:

Individuals find emotional eating as a temporary relief from many challenges they are going through in life. If you want to find strength and grit in your life’s journey, then dragging yourself from emotional eating is the primary thing you need to focus on. We all at least once would have gone through an emotional eating phase when in stress like munching on the snacks, snuggling up with a scoop of favourite ice-cream, or eating on too much quantity of foods, chocolates, etc.

What are the common causes of emotional eating disorder?

Identifying the personal trigger by ourselves is the foremost thing that every individual should follow themselves if you have the motto “eating less.”  There are various triggering agents which can bring emotional eating. It can be due to positive emotions, happy events or celebrating holidays. Here, we list a few common causes of emotional eating and those are listed below:

Childhood habits:

Yes! Many of us agree that our childhood food memories may carry out to adulthood memories. When our parents reward us with foods like sweets, savouries or sweets for our best performance or work these habits can often carry over to adulthood.

Social influences:

Get together or partying with friends for a meal to bust stress will often lead to overeating.  A few individuals due to nervousness and social situations may indulge on more food even if the stomach is full. 

Feeling of emptiness:

Did you ever felt boredom and relieved your feeling just with a mouth full of your preferred food? Yes!  It is an unconscious way of eating foods by torturing ourselves with various meal plans.


Have you felt hungry while you are stressed? Yes! It is one of the common triggering agents for many of us. In this fast-paced digital world, stress is the only habit that everyone goes through right from the kid to older individuals.  We all know that stress can affect our lives in many ways and leads to numerous diseases. During a stressful situation, the cortisol hormone is released in the body making us cravings to certain salty foods, chips, fried foods and many other junk foods.

Personal problems:

A few uncomfortable emotions like anger, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, and fear may increase the risk of getting the emotional eating disorder. All you need to do is avoid getting emotions while you are gazing through the food you like.

 What are the signs of emotional eating?

Below are the signs noticed in individuals who have an unhealthy relationship with food:

  • Consuming foods when stressed
  • Eating foods while angry, depressed, lonely, annoyed, bored
  • Have trouble losing weight
  • Unable to take control of foods
  • Having foods while feeling happy
  • Eating foods, even if the stomach is full

Tips to change the emotional eating habit:

Here are a few tips that you need to focus on to remove emotional eating habits:

  • Keep yourself calm and remove the stress by practising deep breathing exercise, yoga, and practice mindfulness techniques. Doing this regularly helps to bring your stress, anxiety, and depression levels down.
  • Plan for workouts, exercise, go for walking, jogging to keep you moving around. This helps to reduce your stress and keeps your emotion under control.
  • Maintain a food diary. List out the foods you eat and keep a track of the foods. There are many apps available online where you can enter your food details, cut down the calories, and get tips from the diet coach to keep a track of the foods you have.
  • Consume a healthy and clean diet. Include foods rich in nutrients and always plan to have a balanced diet. If you are having a good amount of foods at the right time, it may help you to easily spot your hungriness and may track the changes you see are caused due to boredom, sadness, or stress.
  • Remove the foods like chips, biscuits, chocolate, or high-fat foods from your kitchen cabin as feeling emotional may help break the food cycle and increases food cravings in you. Hence, eliminating those helps you refrain from picking them from the cupboards, especially during the emotional period.
  • Keep control on your portion size. Measuring and consuming will support you to manage your body weight, relieves stress and keeps a track on your calorie intake as well.
  • If your stress level is troubling you, a quick call to your friend, caretaker, or the doctor may do wonders for your mood. Yes! Your doctor can check and may help you come out of your emotional eating habits and if required they may refer you to the counsellor or a dietician to frame out a diet chart. If medicines are prescribed, order them from a trusted online medicine site at the comfort of your home and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.
  • Feeling positive and speaking out openly may help reduce your cycle of emotional eating. Go for a leisure walk or take a warm water bath to soothe your mind.     

When to see the doctor:

Emotional eating needs to be addressed and if left untreated, it can lead to binge-eating disorder. If you have a poor and unhealthy eating pattern, speak to the doctor and nutritionist and get treated for both mental and emotional eating. As part of the treatment process if medicines are prescribed then order prescription medicines from the best online pharmacy store in India and avail amazing medicine discount on every order you place.

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