Truly mans best friend, over 38% of American households have a pet dog. 

Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds, famed for their loyalty and personality. But if you’re in the market for a new furry friend, you’ll want to know the differences between bulldog breeds. 

So if you’re wondering about a French bulldog vs English bulldog, make sure you get educated. These dogs may seem similar at face value, but there are some key differences you may not know about. Failing to learn these different traits could lead to you getting a dog that doesn’t suit your needs. 

Read on to learn the difference between a French and English bulldog. 

Breed History 

The English bulldog was created for bullfighting in the 13th century. It’s only in recent years that the English bulldog overcame its violent roots and became a popular pet. 

The French bulldog, however, was first verified in the 1800s as a Parisian city dog. Over the years, French bulldogs have become one of the most popular breeds for celebrities and families alike. 

The French bulldog breed is bred with high-quality French bulldog studs to ensure all Frenchies have lovable characteristics. 


These breeds both have short noses, a square form, short legs, and wrinkles. However, the main noticeable difference in appearance between these two breeds is their size.

The characteristics of an English bulldog are short and stout. These bulldogs are usually no more than 15 inches tall but can weigh 50 pounds. The French bulldog is only a little shorter (11-13 inches) but weighs half as much as an English bulldog. 


Even though they have a ‘bully’ reputation, both breeds love to be friendly and playful. However, there are a few key differences you should be aware of. 

The English bulldog is prone to being stubborn and possessive, so good training is vital to nurture their softer side. 

French bulldogs are the most playful, but they can play rough; this means they aren’t always the best fit for homes with young children because they can cause harm accidentally.


Both English and French bulldogs are prone to weight gain, putting too much strain on their short legs. The French bulldog often suffers from breathing difficulties because of excess weight putting pressure on their lungs. 

French bulldogs also have a high risk of developing cherry eye and cataracts, but this is easy to treat at the vet. 

English bulldogs often develop hip and joint problems due to their upper to lower body weight ratio, but eye infections are uncommon. 

French Bulldog vs English Bulldog: Which One Is Right for You? 

Now you know everything there is to know about French and English bulldogs. now you know the differences between them, weighing up getting a French bulldog vs English bulldog doesn’t have to be a difficult decision.

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