Your best friend has been with you through thick and thin. They’re your rock when things in your life begin to go south and today is their birthday. The day when you show appreciation for everything they’ve done for you.

You have no idea what you’re going to get them. It’s not that you don’t know what they like, it’s that there are a lot of things that you know they would want. We may be able to help you narrow down your search.

These great gift ideas for your BFF won’t fail to show them how much they mean to you.

1. Shoes

Does your BFF have an entire closet full of shoes? They most likely wouldn’t mind getting another pair if they’re coming from you. Even if your friend isn’t super into clothes and fashion, everybody needs shoes so they make a great BFF presents.

You can head to the shoe store and pick up a pair that you think they would love and then go the extra mile to have them personalized. No matter what your ideas for shoe designs are, your bestie is sure to love what you do with them and they’ll think of you every time they wear them.

2. Planner

Is your best friend the type of person who always has to keep their entire life organized? Get them a planner. Having a planner will help them keep track of everything going on in their life.

They also make good best friend presents if your bestie is going to school. They’ll be able to write down the due dates for their projects so all their work gets turned in on time.

3. Long-Distance Touch Lamp

Does your best friend live states away from you? Keeping the friendship alive when you live so far away is hard. Long-distance touch lamps make it easier.

They come as a set of two lamps. You keep one and give the other to your bestie. Whenever you touch your lamp, your friend’s lamp will light up and vice versa. It’s a small way let your bestie know that you’re thinking of them.

4. Bath Tray

Reading in the bathtub is a great way to distress but it’s not the smartest way. One second, you’re reading and the next, your book decides to go for a dip.

The bath tray is the perfect way to help your friend keep their books dry. It’s an adjustable tray that fits over the top of the tub. It can hold a book and your bestie’s favorite glass of wine while they soak their troubles away.

Amazing Gift Ideas for Your BFF

You and your best friend have always been attached at the hip. You want to show them how much their support means to you. You wish you could give them the world but a present will have to do.

Grab one of these amazing gift ideas for your BFF and enjoy the happy smile on their face.

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