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Almost one in three American travelers used vacation home rentals in 2015, which is double the amount five years prior. And they’re only getting more and more popular! 

But why are travelers choosing to stay in short-term vacation rentals rather than simply booking a hotel room? Hotels offer lots of amenities and are often in prime locations, right? 

So, who would choose to stay in a suburb and clean up after yourself over the perks of a hotel room? 

There are lots of myths and assumptions about vacation rentals that aren’t the case in reality. Here are eight top reasons why booking a vacation rental for your next 9-5 escape is a better choice than booking a hotel. 

1. Easier to Travel With Kids and Pets 

Over half of the US population owns a dog, yet so few hotels allow any pets at all. And while not all vacation home rentals allow pets, there are substantially more that do. This makes it so much easier to travel with your pets. 

Staying in a vacation rental is also ideal if you have children, particularly young children. If you’re staying in a hotel room with a baby then you need to tiptoe around them while they sleep. But if you have a vacation rental, you can relax in a completely different room!  

The small luxury of being able to have your own space away from your children, as you would at home, is one of the huge benefits of vacation rentals for families. 

2. Vacation Home Rentals Are Often Cheaper 

This does depend on where and what type of vacation home you are booking, but often they are cheaper than hotels. 

With vacation homes, you are often able to negotiate with the vacation rental because it’s operated by a family or small business. 

If you want to stay in a 3-bedroom house but you’re traveling as a couple, there could be a deal to be made there. It doesn’t hurt to ask! 

And if you are renting a 3-bedroom house because you are a group of three couples, for example, that cost is split between all six of you. That’s usually far cheaper than paying for three separate hotel rooms. 

Also, because some vacation rentals are in the suburbs and not in the busy tourist areas, they are considerably cheaper. Though rentals may charge cleaning fees, the taxes and costs overall might be a lot less. 

3. You Have Access to More Facilities 

Vacation rentals have all the comforts of home. They nearly always have kitchens, laundry facilities, TVs, books, games, and sometimes onsite parking. 

Even if you do end up paying more for your vacation rental than you would for a hotel room, by cooking some of your meals you could potentially save a lot! 

Having access to a kitchen is also very helpful if you have children. That way, you can make them any snacks or meals that they are used to at home without having to go to a restaurant for every meal. 

4. Wider and Better Choice of Locations 

How would you like to stay in a beach house where you can wake up and immediately step onto the sand to watch the sunrise? Or stay in a remote cabin surrounded by forest? 

Hotels are usually located in a city’s busiest neighborhoods or by airports. But you can find house rental options for your vacation anywhere and everywhere!  

Even if you’re not looking for a vacation home rental for a holiday stay, but you’re visiting family in a small town or suburb. You might find it difficult to find a decent hotel that meets your needs, whereas home rentals are popping up everywhere. 

5. More Indoor (and Often Outdoor) Space 

Even the most luxurious of hotel rooms don’t offer a lot of space. At least, not as much space as a house or apartment. 

When you’re traveling with family, friends, or a significant other, it can be so helpful to have separate living spaces to take some time apart. Or to simply not go crazy being confined to four walls in a small room for a two-week vacation. 

And outdoor space with a hotel room? Unless it’s a tiny, overlooked balcony or terrace, that’s pretty much unheard of! 

6. Makes More Sense for Group Trips 

And what about when you do want to get together with your friends or extended family on a trip? You either have to stay out at a restaurant or bar or pile into one, tiny hotel room. 

Booking a vacation home rental means you can have a communal living space. You can book a place with a designated space to eat, play games, and watch movies together. You’re able to actually spend time with the people you’re vacationing with! 

7. Added Privacy and Security 

One of the best benefits of a holiday home rental is the privacy and security they offer. No overlooked balconies, no hotel staff, and no parking your car in some underground parking lot miles away from your hotel. 

You don’t have to share any pools or facilities with any other guests and you can come and go as you please. And best of all, no noisy neighbors! 

8. You Can Live Like a Local 

If you like to immerse yourself in a community or new culture when you travel, that can be difficult if you’re staying in a hotel. 

Booking a vacation home rental means you can live in a residential neighborhood and experience what it’s like to stay in a normal home. You can ask your rental hosts if they have any local restaurant recommendations and shop at the local market.  

Holiday rentals give you the opportunity to have a vastly different experience than the one you would have in the average downtown hotel. 

Check Out Vacation Rentals for Your Next Trip! 

So, vacation rental vs hotels, which one will you pick for your next trip? 

Ultimately, vacation home rentals offer you more flexibility, home comforts, and bang for your buck than most hotel rooms. It’s your money and your vacation time, so make sure you get the most out of both. 

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