When summer rolls around, it’s time to make some changes to your wardrobe. Break out the cutest tank tops, the comfiest sandals, and most stylish shades because you’ll be needing them! Warmer weather calls for one more thing, though — the right fragrance.

It’s essential to have different perfumes for summer. After all, scents change with the seasons, so it’s only natural! Plus, it’ll help tie all your summertime looks together.

So, how do you choose the perfect summer fragrances for your collection? Read on to find out!

Consider the Scents of Summer

The first step toward finding your fragrance is to look at which scents are in season during summer. When you find the right scent families, it’s much easier to make a selection! There is a lot to choose from, too, so you’ll find a favorite.

Some popular notes in summer perfumes are berries, florals, and citrus fruits. Tropical or grassy aromas are also fitting! Play around with them to find what works best for you.

Look for a Lighter EDT

Keep in mind that, during summertime, the air feels much warmer and heavier. That’s why it’s important to choose an EDT (eau de toilette) instead of an EDP (eau de parfum). 

EDTs are types of perfume that are much less concentrated. As a result, they feel lighter to wear! That makes them perfect for summertime because you won’t get weighed down.

Avoid Too Many Fragrance Notes

Some perfumes for summer consist of a variety of scent notes. While it’s tempting to spritz on something that sounds like a tropical fruit cocktail, you should reconsider!

An overload of different notes becomes heavy and overwhelming fast. When the weather is hot, less is usually more! So, instead, try looking for scents for women that contain fewer notes.

You might also find some single-note options. They’re on-trend and perfect for summer!

Take Advantage of Scent Memory

Is there a fragrance that takes you back to a favorite place in your past? As it turns out, scent memory is a real thing. Start taking advantage of it so you can find the right summer perfume!

If it’s not a typical summer smell, that’s okay! All that matters is it whisks you away to a cherished summer from long ago.

Try a Solid Option

Have you heard of solid perfumes before? They’re growing in popularity and for a couple of impressive reasons. Plus, if you prefer subtle fragrances for women, you’ll love them!

Solid perfume is simply a solidified version of your favorite scent. Instead of spraying, you’ll rub it on your body to apply the fragrance. The smell left behind is muted, yet lasts much longer than liquid versions.

Find Your Favorite Perfumes for Summer

As the weather gets hotter and the sun shines longer, it’s time to shop for perfumes for summer. Find the perfect one for you by keeping this guide in mind! 

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