Did you know that 63.4 million American households own dogs? That’s more than half of the households in the whole of the United States. 

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know how important it is to take good care of your beloved pet. That means feeding them the right food, exercising them regularly, and taking them to the vest when they’re unwell. 

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility. So, what do you need to know?

Here are the basics of how to take care of a dog. 

Training Your Dog

Communicating with your dog is essential. They’re living in your space and they need to know your expectations of them. But how do you communicate that with your pooch? 

To get your dog to understand you, you’ll need to train them. The most effective way to train your dog is through positive reinforcement. 

With positive reinforcement training, you’ll give your dog a command. When they successfully respond to your command and do as you’ve asked them to do, you will give them a reward. Their favorite treat is usually the most effective reward.

You should never tell a dog off or punish them for not completing a command. 

Feeding Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs need to watch their waistline or they’ll end up developing heart or joint problems. 

Take care to ensure your dog is on the best diet possible. Just like humans, their diet should be rich in nutrients and low in salt and fat. 

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

The amount of exercise that a dog will need will depend on its size and breed. Smaller dogs tend to need less than larger dogs. 

As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to walk your dog for at least half an hour each day. If you have a working breed, this may need to be substantially more and you may need to get them to play fetch so that they can run too. 

What Are the Best Dog Breeds to Keep as Pets?

Dogs make great pets, however, some breeds are more suited to life in a human home than others. The best dog breeds to keep as pets are Labradors and Retrievers. Mixed breeds generally tend to make great pets too. 

Many people see certain breeds as aggressive. While dogs can be aggressive, generally this only becomes a problem when their owner has taught them to behave in a certain way or has abused them. 

Grooming Your Dog

Different breeds require different levels of grooming. A longer-haired pup will require a trim and a brush more often than a naturally short-haired breed. There are plenty of dog grooming services around these days, so you don’t have to struggle to groom your dog yourself. 

How to Take Care of a Dog

All of the best pet owners know how to take care of a dog. Owning a dog means making decisions with their health and wellbeing in mind. The best pet owners will check the quality of the food they’re giving their dog and will always try to ensure their dog gets plenty of exercise and stimulation. 

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