How to Take Care of Chickens: A Simple Guide

care of chickens

Have you ever considered adding a bundle of joy and feathers to your backyard? Raising chickens is the new way to get closer to nature, whilst also being eco-friendly.

If you are wondering how to take care of chickens, look no further. Read on for all the tips you need to ensure your birds are happy.


Daily Care of Chickens

Taking care of chickens is usually stressful than taking care of a dog or a cat. In general, chickens are much less needy and demanding of your time. They don’t follow you around the house begging for treats or attention.

Ensure that their coop door and cage are firmly shut at night. This stops predators from being able to get in and potentially harm your animals.

Check on their food and water levels every day to determine whether they need adjusting. If you want the best in feeders or waterers, have a look at the link to check out some excellent deals on offer.

Weekly Care of Chickens

Weekly checks of your chickens will make sure that your hens are living their best lives. These tasks aren’t something that need doing every day, but at least once every seven days.

Their bedding should be refreshed or checked to see if it’s overly soiled or has excessive water and food in it. You don’t want an environment where it can potentially cause diseases to grow, hence why bedding needs changing weekly.

Check your nesting boxes and see if they need cleaning out or disinfecting. This is where your chickens lay their eggs, so it should be nice and tidy.

Egg Collecting

You should collect your chicken’s eggs as soon as possible. If there are eggs that haven’t been collected, this will make your chickens broody and attached to the eggs. If you then try and remove the eggs, this can be stressful for the chickens.

By removing the eggs quickly, will also mean that there’s less chance of the eggs being cracked or damaged.

Consider Winter and Summer Temperatures

With your chickens living outside all year round, they will be subjected to the elements. This can mean heatwaves in the summer and plenty of snow in the winter. You need to prepare a space for your chickens to be content in both climates.

Make some shade for your chickens in the summer, or keep them out of direct sunlight.

In the winter, give them extra bedding or a warmer place for them to roost. You can also get heaters to make sure the water doesn’t freeze over in the water dispenser, which can cut off their water source.

How to Take Care of Chickens: What Next?

When thinking about how to take care of chickens, keeping them watered and well-fed is only half the job. They need to have adequate shelter and plans in place for them to be accommodated all year round.

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