The backyard is one of the important parts of your house that you should maintain properly and appropriately. Patio covers are used to protect your backyard from any unwanted weather that can also be designed at home, yet it is better to purchase from shops. However, before buying them, you need to consider many important factors in order to get your hands on the right one.

Without patio covers, your cushions and furniture might get affected because of changing weather. In summers, people often don’t get time to look after their backyards; that’s why one should be concerned before purchasing these covers. 

In this guide, I will explain how you can purchase a cover with the perfect design and material that protects your backyard from different situations. Let’s put light on these essential factors.

Factors to Consider 

1- Dimension of Cover

One of the main issues that are often seen regarding these covers is, people don’t check the dimension before ordering these covers. In the end, they often get into trouble. Ensure that you check the dimension of your furniture before placing an order so that these covers properly cover your backyard. It is always better to have proper information regarding a particular manufacturer before placing an order.

Apart from the small cover problem, sometimes the covers are too long that they drag on the floor and become dirty. Due to which it is essential to take proper dimension before making the final choice. Once you are sure about the dimensions, give them to the manufacturer and ask them to build a cover as per the exact dimension.

You can surely find many manufacturers who create pre-eminent and remarkable covers. It is the first key factor that needs to be considered before buying these patio covers.

2- Waterproof Covers

Having waterproof or weatherproof covers would be ideal and appropriate so that you won’t face any difficulty during rain or wind. However, many manufactures claim to provide you with waterproof covers, but in reality, they aren’t. With detailed research, you can surely get these covers that are easily accessible in the market, including patio covers Los Angeles.

Waterproof covers protect your backyard from any unwanted weather situation and provide you with complete satisfaction and ease. It absorbs rain and dirt and makes sure to protect your furniture in the best possible way. It is another essential factor to look for before buying these covers.

3- Breathable Patio Covers

You might save your backyard furniture from air, dust, and rain, but the main issue arises when your furniture starts getting mold because of applying covers on it for so long. To avoid this problem, it is better to buy Breathable patio covers so that your furniture doesn’t start getting mold. There are many manufacturers who create breathable patio covers; however, these covers have their own cons.

These covers won’t absorb water, so you can avoid this factor. The best alternative to this factor is, remove patio covers now and then to save your furniture from getting mold.

4- Soft Backing Covers

Another important factor coming your way is, having a cover that has a softback so that you can save your furniture from scratches. The furnish of your furniture should not get affected because of these covers, and the only solution to this problem is buying soft backing patio covers.

When you sit on these covers for an entire season, they could remove finish coatings or paint, leaving unattractive marks. To dodge this, consistently buy covers that have a delicate fabric backing. It will save your furniture from getting affected. To me, it is one of the main significant factors to consider.

Best Patio Covers Material

Now that you know which factors to consider before buying the covers, another important thing that should never be taken for granted is the material of these covers. These covers are available in different materials, and you should be concerned about the material before buying them. Lets’ discuss them in detail.

1- Wood Cover

A wood patio cover is one of the highly used materials for the backyard that give an enchanting look to your backyard. We all know that wood is long-lasting and solid, and so does wood patio cover. You can get wood covers in different shapes, sizes, and colors easily. It is better to go for wood patio covers.

2- Vinyl Cover

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to spend huge on them, it is the best recommendation for you. You can easily handle this cover. You also don’t need to spend a lot on its maintenance.

3- Aluminum Cover

Aluminum is one of the widely used materials in different places, and when it comes to an aluminum patio cover, you can completely rely on it. It protects your yard from sun and wind, and you don’t need any maintenance. You can save your furniture from scratches with an aluminum cover.

4- Elitewood Cover

If you want to get your hands on a cover that enfolds the features of all the above-mentioned materials, you can’t get an any better choice than Elitewood cover material. You can get the properties of all the above-mentioned materials in this cover. It is lightweight, solid and durable, and surely long-lasting. The Elitewood cover gives complete protection from any weather and is water-resistant. Above all, it is cost-effective and doesn’t require any maintenance.


With changing weather situations, you surely become worried about your backyard that you have designed with a lot of effort. However, every problem has a solution, and when we talk about the protection of backyards, you have patio covers that ensure to give entire safety. However, you need to look for different factors before any final choice.

If you are a beginner and don’t know which things to consider in patio covers, this guide will be best and informative for you. While keeping these points in mind, you can surely pick the right cover for your backyard. Hence, stop getting worried and bring patio covers at home to save your beautiful backyard.

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