If you’d rather spend money on shoes than on rent, we get it—luxury sneakers are all the rage at the moment, with every well-dressed man stepping out in stylish kicks. 

The luxury sneaker brands of today are nothing like your old Converse gym shoe from school—sneakers these days are a work of art, using only the best materials and made by the world’s top fashion designers. 

If you’re a real hypebeast, meaning someone who’s crazy about street fashion, keep reading to find the five best luxury sneakers out there. Then, it’s time to go shopping! 

1. Balmain 

Balmain is a French fashion house known for its luxury and hype, but they’re gone street with some of the best luxury sneakers for men. 

Check out Balmain for their futuristic designs like high tops or their cutting edge sneaker/sandal combo, featuring thick straps. These awesome sneakers are sure to turn heads, but even better, they’re comfortable to wear. 

2. Common Projects 

If you prefer your kicks a bit more understated, the most popular luxury sneakers in plain white have to be Common Projects. They produce luxury Italian leather sneakers with a focus on simpler styles in colors like white, tan, and black. 

They’re the perfect shoe for daily use, as they match any outfit with ease. If you’re not big on brand names, Common Projects are a good choice. 

3. Gucci 

Luxury fashionistas love the Gucci brand, so don’t leave home without a pair of their awesome sneakers. Known for their red and green patterns, the simple Ace sneaker is one of their bestsellers. 

However, they offer plenty more than just the Ace, so check out some of their over the top special-editions. 

4. Yeezy 

Perhaps one of the most iconic sneaker designs in recent years, the Yeezy brand has taken the fashion world by storm. Founded by Kanye West, Yeezys are in such high demand that it’s a struggle to even find a pair. 

Sure, they might be expensive, but they’re one of the hottest items in town. Plus, they’re soft, supportive, and lots of fun to wear. 

5. Lanvin 

The Lanvin brand, out of France, has been producing awesome luxury sneakers with a retro feel. Often made from suede or leather, the Lanvin sneakers are comfortable, stylish, and offer a range of options, including bright colors or more understated hues. 

Step Out in Style With These Luxury Sneaker Brands 

Ready to hit the town? If you want to look your best, don’t miss out on these luxury sneaker brands. They’re the epitome of street style, offering comfort, luxury, and world-class design. 

Start shopping today to find your dream shoes—but don’t delay if you find a pair you love, since almost all of these brands sell out new releases within days. However, sometimes shopping for the perfect shoe is part of the fun! 

Did you enjoy this article? If so, please keep reading for more stylish tips and ideas. 

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