Summer is officially over. And while this means that for many of us it’s time to pull out the sweaters and put away the bathing suits, it doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming about the beach.

Let’s face it, we are all longing for a hot day basking in the sun and relaxing by some crystal blue waters. Luckily, this dream can quickly become a reality by planning your next vacation to one of the world’s many beautiful beaches.

When looking at beach resorts, you’ll likely find yourself bombarded with options. Lucky for you, we are here to help narrow down your search! Keep reading for our list of the most charming beach resorts to explore in the world.

1. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Nothing says tropical paradise more than kicking back on the beaches of Jamaica. This island paradise tops most beachgoers bucket list and it’s no surprise as to why. With flavorful cuisine, gemstone blue waters, and beachside hammocks, Jamaica is the perfect place to escape into vacay mode.

Eclipse at Half Moon is a recently opened resort on a 400-acre piece of paradise in Montego Bay. With plenty of places to relax, sip on something sweet, and enjoy some authentic jerk chicken, this resort is perfect for an island getaway. 

2. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Qualia resort on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia is the ideal place for planning a romantic getaway. It has the uttermost feeling of being on a remote island while being easily accessed with a quick flight from a nearby city.

Each room comes with its own private pool that overlooks the ocean, so you are your loved one can enjoy a private dip. With an open treehouse-like feel to each Pavillion, you won’t ever want to leave.

3. Krabi, Thailand

If jungle paradise seems more up your alley, then look no further than Rayavadee in Krabi, Thailand. Here you’ll live-out your jungle destination dreams complete with elephant rides, kayaking through mangroves, and hikes to ancient temples.

This beach resort rests on the edge of the Krabi Marine National Park, so you get to experience the luscious nature that Thailand has to offer.

4. Tulum, Mexico

Does an artsy beachside cabana seem more your style? Check out Papaya Playa located in Tulum, Mexico.

This location is a great getaway with a group of friends. Complete with thatched-roof cabanas, hammocks, and a beach amphitheater this Tulum resort is a favorite location for many artists. You can even have the chance to stay here during the Mayan full moon festivals.

5. Brela, Croatia

If you’re looking for a more bohemian and quaint getaway, this Croatian hotspot is a favorite among locals. Brela is most loved for its crystal waters, secret coves to explore, and soft white sand.

There is also plenty to do around the area if you’re looking for more than just a beachside stay. Croatia is home to many beautiful beach resorts, so be sure to check them all out before booking your stay.

Picking Your Perfect Beach Resorts

With so many beach resorts to choose from, landing on just one is a daunting task. No matter what type of vacation you are wishing to have, there is a perfect beach resort for you.

Keep this list in mind the next time you are planning a vacation! And for more articles like this, check back on our blog.    

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