They say that dogs are a man’s best friend.

Well, it turns out that dogs are a lot more than that. Adopting a dog is a unique and rewarding opportunity to benefit your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Today we will discuss five of these benefits, so keep reading!

Dogs Give You a Sense of Purpose

Having a dog forces you into a routine. Feeding, grooming, and playing with your pet are tasks that you accept when adopting a dog.

Keeping a stock of pet care items and dog supplies is another responsibility that you accept. This can become expensive, so check out these helpful tips to save money when getting a new puppy.

These behaviors not only maintain a healthy environment for your pet but also provide you with a sense of purpose.

Caring for and ensuring the wellbeing of a living thing is a large responsibility, but this responsibility can be very rewarding.

Dogs Help You Stay Active and Healthy

Although this can differ between breeds, dogs generally need a high amount of exercise to maintain their health.

Poor wellbeing and behavioral problems can result from not being physically or mentally stimulated.

Taking your dog on walks, to the beach, and on other outdoor adventures is not only necessary for them, but it’s also beneficial for you. These activities encourage exercise and time outdoors, which keeps your heart, body, and brain healthy!

Dogs Make You More Approachable and Social

Did you know that owning a dog makes you seem more approachable to strangers?

Kinsey Institute researcher Dr. Fisher found that dog owners appear more nurturing, so they are easier to approach in public. They are even viewed as more attractive, according to some studies. 

Having a canine companion is also a great conversation starter.

When you’re not in public, join dog-related social media groups to meet and mingle with fellow dog owners. Groups based on shared interests like these are how lots of people find their best friends!

Dogs Help With Stress and Crisis Management 

One study found that gazing into the eyes of a dog led to increased oxytocin levels in the urine of dog owners. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone because of its involvement in feelings of trust, empathy, and companionship.

This phenomenon benefits people especially during times of stress or crisis. Another study found that ten minutes of petting a dog significantly reduced its subjects’ stress hormone levels.

This is why dogs make such great therapy and emotional support animals. Adopt a dog and you will receive comfort and solace when you need it most!

Dogs Are the Ultimate Companion

Dogs are known for their loyalty, companionship, and unconditional love for their owners. 

With no capacity to cheat, betray, or lie, a relationship with a dog is the ultimate form of companionship. One study even found that pet interaction helped reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation. 

So, when you are preparing your home for a dog, remember that for as long as they are alive, they will always be there for you!

Enjoy the Rewards of Adopting A Dog

Preparing for a dog that you are adopting to come home is a special time. It’s one of the most exciting parts about adopting a dog! But, the bond you will develop with your new canine will be even more rewarding.

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