Fact: almost 80 percent of all adults use supplements to increase their overall health. But with so many popular supplement brands on the market, it might be hard to decide which one to pick.

Want to learn how to improve your long-term health?

Part of finding the right supplements for your health needs requires knowing when your current drugs don’t work. Here are five signs you need to switch supplements!

1. You’re Losing Your Hair

Not sure how to take the proper supplement?

While it’s true that the average person loses 100 hair strands every day, losing huge hair clumps means you need to see your physician. When hair loss is coupled with weight loss or weight gain, it could be a sign of thyroid disease or low iron levels.

Pro tip – always ask your doctor to check it out by performing a blood test. This is the best way to get to know your iron levels. If they are too low, you might experience symptoms such as:

  • Feeling cold
  • Having headaches
  • Feeling dizzy often

Be sure to switch supplements if you experience adverse side effects like hair loss! 

2. You’re Moving to New Climate

Another great time to switch supplements is when you experience a temporary shift in weather. This can include everything from a seasonal change to moving to a new climate.

For example, transitioning from a hot desert to a rainy mountain may call for a serious change-up in the supplement department. Since you’re not getting as much sunshine as you used to might, you may need more energy support or vitamin D from functional mushrooms or B12 supplements. When it comes to the warmer months, though, you might be able to phase out these supplements. 

3. Your Diet Changed

In case you didn’t know, taking supplements isn’t a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. Instead, think of it as an addition. That’s because trying to keep your diet balanced with nutrient-dense foods is the best way to create your supplement routine.

For instance, grain-free diets such as keto or paleo diet might have lower amounts of B vitamins. On the other hand, diets that are low in dairy might make you reconsider where you’ll get your magnesium, potassium, calcium. Otherwise, a vegetarian should definitely keep an eye on their iron and B12 levels. 

4. You Have Digestive Problems

Poor digestion is another sign that you might need to switch supplements. For best results, try taking:

  • Krill oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Probiotics
  • Multivitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Glutathione

Simple as that!

5. You’re Stressed Out

Feeling stressed out but don’t know what to do? Besides flaxseed or fish oil, switching to adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola or ashwagandha might do the trick. 

FYI: when it comes to ordering prescription drugs online, do your research first!

Ready to Switch Supplements?

Are you ready to switch supplements? From the size of tablets to the labels on products, we’ve got everything you need to make the right supplement switch.

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