There is a reason Portugal continues getting all those travel prizes — it’s a beautiful place to visit! From taking in unbelievable views to exploring old palaces to eating fantastic food, here are the ten things that locals suggest checking out. 

 1. Roam Algarve’s pristine beaches 

Best place to visit in Portugal

Even if you aren’t a big fan of surfing, soaking your toes in the sand is a must while touring Portugal. The country’s southernmost area, Algarve, is a top destination for those who want to comb the beach or ride a wave. 

Getting local insight can further narrow down where in Algarve you want to explore. The trip planners tell us that Lagos, replete with white-washed cliffs is a recommended option.  

 2. Get lost in Alfama, Lisbon’s most famous district 

Portugal Places

Locals suggest giving yourself the freedom to get lost in Lisbon’s Alfama neighborhood. Cross the knot of twisting streets that comprise one of the city’s most significant districts, and you’re bound to reveal unknown gems.  

Make sure you don’t miss out on what makes Alfama so unique.  

3. Indulge in Portugal’s national dessert 

Things to eat in Portugal

Pastéis de Nata is a necessity for anyone with a sweet tooth. This egg tart cake was made by Catholic Monks looking for a way to use up egg yellows. Monks used egg whites for starching clothes.  

Locals reassure us that Pastéis de Nata can be found at bakeries everywhere in the country. 

4. Dive into Lisbon’s unbelievable aquarium  

Marine Life

Portugal is a maritime country, and its relationship to the ocean goes deep. The Portuguese capital hosts the incredible Oceanário de Lisboa aquarium. The leading exhibition is a large container, two levels high, that showcases more further than 100 different sea species.  

Named “One Planet, One Ocean,” the exhibition intends to show visitants that, although there may be many names for the world’s waterways, there is simply one global ocean.  

5. Take a day trip to Sintra 

Ancient History in Portugal

In any good holiday, you’ve got some free time built into your itinerary. And on your experience in Portugal, such free time is the ideal opportunity to explore the town of Sintra! 

The city of Sintra is this region where old wealthy English families created a bunch of insanely prosperous vacation houses. Now, most of the homes are museums, and you have to book a full day to wander into the fantastic grounds and magnificent halls. It’s nearly an hour from Lisbon by train, and the accommodations are pricey, so we suggest just a fast day-trip from Lisbon! 

6. Check out the entire city of Porto  

Resort in Portugal

No trip to Portugal is perfect without a couple of days in Porto. This little town has something for everybody! And since you’re already there, you might as well taste the local wine.  

7. Caves and Grottoes in the Algarve 

Beaches in Portugal

The southernmost province in the land has a beautiful coastline, which is rich with magnificent limestone caves and caverns. These kinds of cavities are created by erosion when the waves of the energetic Atlantic Ocean hit the rocks. 

You can explore the coastline on a boat tour – beaches like Ponta Da Piedade, are best approached from the water. The caverns can also be observed and visited while exploring on a beach. On Algarve Safaris the tourists get to see the most extensive caves and explore the exciting coastline. 

8. Nightlife: Party the Night Away 

City View of Portugal

As the light goes down in Lisbon, the city comes to life. Amidst all the things to visit in Lisbon, ranging over many pubs and restaurants, is indisputably the best idea. With an extensive collection of dining, clubbing, travelling, and relaxation options, Lisbon will never disappoint the party beast in you. Lisbon is also becoming the perfect stag do destination

 9. Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisbon 

Best Places to visit in Portugal

Belém is compatible with Portugal’s golden Age of Discovery. It’s from the beaches of this Lisbon area that brave sailors set sail in the 15th and 16th centuries on long and dangerous voyages to outline unknown waters and map new territories. 

 The church and monastery represent the spirit of the age, and highlight some of the most excellent examples of Manueline architecture found anywhere in Portugal. 

10. Torre de Clérigos, Oporto 

Best Places Portugal

Torre de Clérigos is one of Oporto’s distinguishing monuments. Rising 75 meters over the streets and overlooking the old town, this slender tower was built in the 18th century by Nicolau Nasoni and exuded a bold touch of the Baroque. The tower was completed in 1763 and at the point was the highest structure in Oporto. 

To reach the top, visitants need to climb upwards of 200 steps. 

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