Birmingham, or Brum, is the UK’s second city right after London in terms of population. It’s also a more relaxed, more authentic industrial city.

This West Midlands city is filled to the brim with multiculturalism and epic Victorian buildings as well as contemporary architecture.

If you’re planning to visit this city, make your journey more fun by following these tips.

Getting Around

The most convenient way to get around Brum is either on foot or by car.

The city centre is small and mostly pedestrianized, so if you’re eager to take in all of the city and appreciate it in leisure, walking is an excellent choice.

If you want something faster, you can search for services like car hire in Birmingham.

Pack for the Weather

Brum is like many other UK cities — the weather can be somewhat unpredictable.

Temperatures are usually:

  • 15 to 20 degrees Celsius in summer
  • 5 degrees Celsius in winter

However, on an average day, skies can turn gloomy in a matter of minutes, even on a supposedly sunny day. It’s wise to expect rain at some point every day.

So, pack many light layers. Rain jackets and umbrellas are indispensable. Make sure your footwear is also rain-proof.

Check Voltage and Tech

UK wall sockets supply power at 220 to 240 volts. Although most smartphones and laptops have dual voltage, it pays to check your devices first.

Input information should say 100V to 240V.

Most hotels have the standard three-pin sockets. So, bring special adapters for devices with standard European plugs.

Meanwhile, online help for tourists is widely available. Public WiFis are also available across the city. There’s also plenty of travel apps.

Trip for the Tastebuds

Birmingham is also known for its diverse range of cultures and food. So, if you’re a foodie, you’ll have fun in Brum.

The Balti Triangle is one popular destination. It offers excellent cuisine along with superb balti restaurants. Through the years, it has become an emblem of Birmingham’s multiculturalism.

Some must-visit restaurants include:

  • Adams
  • Simpsons
  • Purnells

These three are five-star restaurants that offer mouth-watering weekday lunch menus.

Street food? No problem. The best-known market for street foodies is the Digbeth Dining Club.

There’s also an Asian-influenced market called Hawker Yard. Remember, however, that both of these markets run on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Experience True Multiculturalism

Birmingham is a multicultural success story. It’s called a “plural” city because it has no ethnic majority, thanks to the waves of migration.

The result: the combination of Irish Centre, Polish Centre, Chinatown, and Balti Triangle.

For visitors, this means a smattering of culture, food, and festivals. Experience true multiculturalism in Birmingham.

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Visiting Birmingham Today?

If you’re visiting Birmingham and you’re not sure what to expect, well, expect great things. These tips are here to help you make the most out of your trip.

Remember that this city has grown larger than its heyday in the 1960s, so there’s a lot to see and experience. It’s a modern cosmopolitan city that rivals even London’s appeal.

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