In order to describe the richest comedians of all the time, we have to make a list of the 20 richest comedians across the world including their current net worth and a short history of their career. You will be surprised to see how much of net worth your favorite comedian own, and how much they are successful in their career; and we all love them for providing us the best comedy shows of all time. 

Before moving forward, let us just guess who is ranked at No. 1 on the list? 

Any guesses?  

You might be wondering that how much of net worth your favorite has got! 

Do not worry as we are here to let you know about the net worth, you can just keep guessing and keep reading the article till the end so that you will know who is on the top among all. 

Let us just begin with the list of top 20 richest comedians in the world without wasting a single minute! 

The List of 20 Richest Comedians in the World: 

The names of 20 richest comedians worldwide are mentioned below along with their net worth and short bio. 

20. Ray Romano: 

Ray Romano is an American actor and also a comedian. He is famous for his role in TV show ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. He has also done a voice-over for a famous character (Manny) in ‘Ice Age’ film series. 

Ray Romano is considered as one of the most famous and richest comedians of the world and of 2020 also. As for his net worth, it is about $135 Million. 

Net Worth: $135 Million 
Age: 62 years 
Home Town Queens, New York 

19. Rowan Atkinson: 

Rowan Atkinson is a British actor as well as comedian. He is best known for his two famous shows ‘Mr. Bean’ and ‘Johnny English’. His income raised to $618 million at box office due to his best performance in films. 

Nowadays his net worth is $130 million and due to this huge net worth, he is placed at 19th position in this list. 

Net Worth: $130 Million 
Age: 65 years 
Home Town: Consett, County Durham, England  

18. Sacha Baron Cohen: 

Sacha Baron Cohen is an actor, comedian and a writer also. He is from England. Some of his most famous roles were: the characters of Ali G, Borat, Bruno and General Aladeen. All these roles were also written by him. 

Now in 2020, the net worth of Sacha Baron Cohen is about $130 million. That is why he is ranked at 18th place in this list. 

Net Worth $130 Million 
Age 48 years 
Home Town  Hammersmith, England  

17. Dan Aykroyd: 

Dan Aykroyd is popular due his best performance as a comedian as well as a talented actor. He is well known for his work on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and for his roles in the film ‘Ghost Busters, and ‘My Girl’. 

Recently his net worth is $135 million therefore, he is considered as one of the richest comedians of the world. 

Net Worth $135 Million 
Age 68 years 
Home Town Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  

16.Steve Harvey: 

Steve Harvey is an American actor, comedian as well as author. He is considered to be a dominant personality in cinema. He is famous for his role as an actor in a television comedy show ‘The Steve Harvey Show’. 

Due to Steve Harvey’s remarkable net worth of about $140 Million, he is placed at No. 16 on this list.  

Net worth $140 Million  
Age  63 years 
Home town  Welch, West Virginia  

15. Bill Murray: 

Bill Murray is a famous actor and a comedian. He is from Wilmette, Illinois (US State). He got fame through a TV show ‘Saturday Night Live’. He is also known for his roles in films ‘Ghost Busters’, ‘Caddyshack’ and ‘Groundhog Day’. 

He is ranked as NO. 15 on this list of world’s richest comedians having a net worth of $140 million. 

Net Worth $140 Million 
Age 70 years 
Home Town Wilmette, Illinois  

14.Kevin Hart: 

Kevin Hart is famous for his successful comedy career. He is known as the 21st century “Comedy King”. His work as a comedian in ‘I am a Grown Little Man’ and ‘Seriously Funny’ is really influential. 

Today, the net worth of Kevin Hart is about $150 million and he is world’s 14th richest comedian. 

Net Worth $150 Million  
Age  41 years 
 Home Town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

13. Jim Carrey 

Jim Carrey is an actor, comedian and a producer. He has a Canadian-American nationality. Carrey got fame due to his successful career as an actor as well as comedian. He also worked in movies such as ‘The Mask’ and ‘Ace Ventura’. 

He is considered to be a prominent star of Hollywood today and his net worth is roughly $150 million. 

Net Worth $150 Million 
Age 58 years 
Home Town Ontario, Canada  

12.Drew Carey 

Drew Carey is from America. He is an actor, voice actor, comedian and a TV host also. He is famous from ‘The Drew Carey Show’ hosted by himself. Currently, he is hosting another show named as ‘The Price Is Right’. 

His incredible net worth of $165 million dollar ranks him the 12th richest comedian of the world. 

Net Worth $165 Million 
Age 62 years 
Home Town Cleveland, Ohio, United States.  

11. Seth MacFarlane 

Seth Macfarlane is an American actor, animator and comedian. He is the creator of the TV series ‘Family Guy’ and ‘The Orville’. His work on ‘Family Guy’ proved to be fruitful for him and he got many awards and fame. Today, he has an amazing net worth of $250 million. 

Net Worth $250 Million 
Age 46 years 
Home Town Kent, Connecticut, U.S. 

10. Jay Leno 

Jay Leno is a famous television host and a comedian. He is mostly known for his work from ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ on NBC. His work inspired an audience of 4 million people and Leno became one of America’s most famous television hosts. 

Today Jay Leno’s net worth is roughly $350 Million and he is placed at 10th place in this list. 

Net Worth  $350 Million 
Age 70 years 
Home Town New Rochelle, New York, U.S. 

9.David Letterman 

David Letterman is a famous American comedian, actor and producer. David Letterman hosted many late-night television talk shows for 33 years. Due to his successful career he has a terrific net worth of $400 million. 

Net Worth $400 Million 
Age 73 years 
Home Town Indianapolis, Indiana  

8.Byron Allen 

Byron Allen is an American comedian and a television producer. He is known as the CEO of the U.S. entertainment company Entertainment Studios. He is worth $400 million which makes him one of the richest comedians of the world. 

Net Worth $400 Million 
Age 59 years 
Home Town Detroit  

7. Bill Cosby 

Bill Cosby is an American comedian and actor. He is well known for his roles in ‘Cosby Kids’, ‘The Cosby Show’ and ‘The Bill Cosby Show’. 

His brilliant performance in films and TV shows made him won several awards. Nowadays, his net worth is $400 million. 

Net Worth $400 Million 
Age 83 years 
Home Town Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  

6. Larry David 

Larry David is an American author, actor, comedian and a producer. He is from New York. He created the television series ‘Seinfeld’ along with Jerry Seinfeld. Larry David wrote and produced first seven seasons of this series. 

Today Larry’s net worth is roughly $400 million. 

Net Worth $400 Million 
Age 73 years 
Home Town Brooklyn, New York 

5. Ellen DeGeneres 

Ellen DeGeneres is an actress, comedian and host. She is from America. 

Ellen got fame and success as a comedian as well as a host in ‘The Ellen Show’. 

Now in 2020, the net worth of Ellen DeGeneres is about $450 Million. 

Net Worth $450 million 
Age 62 years 
Home Town Metairie, Louisiana  

4.Matt Stone 

Matt Stone is an American comedian, voice-over artist and animator. He is famous for co-creating South Park. This show got fame in less time and become one of the most watched comedy shows. 

Today Matt Stone is ranked as No. 4 in this list of world’s richest comedians and his net worth is $500 million. 

Net Worth $500 million 
Age 49 years 
Home Town Littleton, Colorado U.S.  

3.Trey Parker 

Trey Parker is an American voice-over artist, director, comedian and producer. He is most famous for co-creating ‘South Park’ along with his companion Matt Stone. Trey Parker is awarded four times with Emmy Award and one time with Grammy Award for his brilliant work. 

Currently, the net worth of Parker is about $500 million. 

Net Worth $500 Million 
Age 50 years 
Home Town Conifer, Colorado  

2. Matt Groening 

Here is the 2nd richest comedian of the world who is famous for the creation of popular series ‘The Simpsons’. Matt Groening is from America. Due to his terrific success as a comedian and animator his net worth is approximately $500 million. 

Net Worth $500 Million 
Age 66 years 
Home Town Portland, Oregon 

1.Jerry Seinfeld  

Jerry Seinfeld is known as “King of Comedy” due to his successful comedy career. He is an American actor, comedian and director as well. He is well known for his semi-fictional role in ‘Seinfeld’. Larry David assisted him in creating and writing the sitcom ‘Seinfeld’. Jerry Seinfeld starred in many TV shows like ‘The Tonight Show’ and many others. 

Today he is ranked at the top of the list of world’s richest comedians and he has a whooping net worth of $950 million at the age of 66 years. 

Net Worth $950 Million 
Age 66 years 
Home Town Massapequa, New York 


As we have discussed about the 20 richest comedians of all the time, it is clear that comedy industry is full of many talented comedians and those comedians own terrific net worth of several million dollars. 

If you have enjoyed reading the article you can tell us in the comments section below, also if you have any questions we will be happy to assist. 

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