Win Fathers Day With These Incredible Pet Portraits From SquishyFacedCrew

Pet Portraits

These portraits will be your family heirloom. Now you can live out your sporting dreams through your pet

You pet is a serious part of your family. Your Insta feed is probably filled with cute snaps of Winnie. You challenge anyone that says that Roger isn’t the cutest dog who ever lived and if, in Olympic year, there was a gold medal for ‘pet lover’ – well, you’d be right up there, right? With over 50% of American’s owning dogs, the upcoming Fathers Day has taken on a new meaning with millions of dog dads everywhere. Now you can win Fathers Day by celebrating your pet with SFC.

Any pet owner will attest to just how strong their pets personalities are. Now, if you are convinced your pet has a Royal inclination, or is really a sporting icon in the making or perhaps will one day ‘grow up’ to be an Astronaut, then you’ll need to check out SquishyFacedCrew. Simply provide their digital artists with your pets finest mug shot (a high quality photo taken in clear daylight, with no camera flash is their guideline) and they will create an incredible pet portrait featuring your beloved pup (or cat, or any other pet you choose to use). You know those grand old oil paintings from yesteryear which feature in British Castles and on TV shows like Downton Abbey? Yup, they’re the style that we’re talking about here. Full pomp and all of the ceremony, all ready to adorn your castles walls!

Your first job is to choose a pet portrait style – disclaimer, this is the hard part!

At the time of writing, SFC has around 3 dozen unique and interesting pet portrait styles. These broadly break down into 3 categories (from what we can see)

The first, is Renaissance and Royalty inspired pet portraits – much like the ones we have been mentioning so far. They can turn your dog, cat or any other pet into Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes, Admirals as well as other historic figures like Churchill and Napoleon (great for any smaller pet with LOTS of attitude!)

The second category can broadly be defined as dream jobs. They have Firefighters, Doctors and Astronauts (a personal favourite of mine) amongst many others. I also love the Detectives design, which is based on the Peaky Blinders for any of you that have seen the British TV show based on an old fashioned gang.

Their third category can be defined as ‘Icons‘ – giving you the chance to celebrate your pet as perhaps the greatest sportsman who ever lived and the 1970’s Lineal heavyweight champion of the World, Muhammad Ali. On the sporting theme they have your pet as part of Manchester United’s 2008 European cup winning team (hoisting the trophy), A New York Yankee, A Dallas Cowboy and as part of Liverpool Football clubs 2020 Premier League winners.

Icons extend further too, with a James Bond Casino Royale inspired pet playing Poker scene, an iconic ‘Rocker’ and a bunch of other fun pet portraits.

Now you need to upload your pets photo 

This is a key bit to get right, and as a top tip, do not be afraid to order without uploading your photo, as you’ll then get their customer services reps on the case in helping you choose. I gave them my dogs Insta handle, and left them to it – yup they were that helpful.

They told me on the phone that I need to follow some simple guidelines, which included focussing on clear and high resolution photos, taken outside, with the camera a roughly my pets heads height. Top tip – its easy to miss off a dogs ears, so be careful to capture ALL of your pets form!

They were very clear on the phone, telling me that the photo literally will make or break the outcome. So it really is well worth focussing hard on nailing the right photo 🙂

You’ll get a digital proof to review, approve or request any number of changes

A really nice touch with SquishyFacedCrew is their online proofing service. 3 working days post order I got emailed a link to click through and check out the proof that their team had made for me – you can see precisely how your art will look and this is also really useful if you are ordering as a gift and are running tight – you can print a copy of the proof to whet their appetite! I requested a couple of minor changes, which were finished in 25 minutes. Approved and shipped, the whole process took just 12 working days for me.

So there you have it, folks. With Fathers Day coming up, I could hardly imagine a better gift for the pet lover in your life. Dog dads can now live out their sporting dreams vicariously through their pets – now who would have thought they would be given that gift for fathers day! Click here to check out the SFC pet portraits collection 

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